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First, we thoroughly vacuum you floor to make sure we remove all the fresh dirt, dust and debris from your tile and grout. Next, if there is any wax build up on your tiles we used cleaners that loosen the wax so it can be washed away. We then use a steam cleaning machine made specifically for tile floors to loosen and clean the dirt from your tile and grout and in some areas will use special brushed to clean stubborn dirt from your tile’s grout.

If we need to use any cleaning products to get your tiles their cleanest we will then rinse your floor to ensure that no residue is left behind to dull your tiles.
Once your tiles have dried we will apply a sealant to your grout to help keep it clean longer. We can also give you special instructions for cleaning your tile in the future to help maintain it’s shine and cleanliness longer.

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Many homes have vinyl flooring because this type of flooring is inexpensive compared to other types of flooring making it an excellent choice for rental properties and for those on a budget. In addition, vinyl flooring comes in an almost limitless variety of colors and styles sure to match any décor.

Vinyl floors are usually easy to clean however, some types of vinyl flooring such as pitted vinyl can easily build up dirt and grime which can be difficult to remove.
If you have rental property with vinyl flooring or a renting a property with vinyl floors previous tenants may have made the mistake of waxing these floors leaving behind a buildup of wax that has left your flooring yellowed and dull you will want to have that wax removed so your floor looks good once more.

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Mexican Tile Cleaning

Cleaning and restoring your Mexican tile is a process and every step is essential in achieving the beautiful look you want and deserve and our experts don’t skip a single step in the cleaning and restoration process.

We start by using a powerful vacuum to remove any loose dirt from your tile floor and prepare it for cleaning. We then use a high pressure steam cleaning machine and a surface cleaner to get your Mexican tiles and grout as clean as possible. Once your floor is cleaned we rinse the floor to remove any left over residue.
In most cases cleaning and polishing your Mexican tile will be enough to restore the tile to it’s natural beauty.

However, if the floor is not as clean as it should be we then strip the tiles and grout by hand using a special chemical that removes that deep ground in dirt and lifts it away. We then will rinse your floor again and allow it to dry.

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When deep cleaning vinyl flooring there are some special considerations that need to be taken into account. These considerations include:

  • If cleaning products are required in order to remove tough dirt or build up wax specific products that are safe for vinyl must be used. If harsh chemical cleaners are used on your vinyl flooring it can damage the vinyl and shorten the useful life of your flooring.
  • Even when using vinyl safe cleaning products to remove stubborn dirt, you need to thoroughly rinse the floor to remove any residue from the cleaning agents as this residue can leave you flooring looking dull.
  • You should never use brushes on vinyl flooring because the bristles from the brush may scratch the floor. Scuff marks need to removed with gently using a soft cloth.
  • No wax vinyl floors should never be waxed, they are designed to have all the shine they need without adding any type of wax.

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Tips For Keeping Your Floor Cleaner

  • Clean your floor with a vacuum or dry mop before mopping.
  • Clean up all spills immediately to prevent staining.
  • A couple of cap fulls of vinegar in clear warm water will loosen all dirt from your floors.
  • For stubborn dirt add a little dish soap to your vinegar water and then rinse with clear water after mopping.
  • If you want to add more shine to vinyl floor add a couple of drops of baby oil.
  • Use door mats to help prevent tracking dirt onto your vinyl floor.

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Professional Repair Service

Some problems with your garage door opener you can easily trouble shoot yourself. For example, if your wall switch opens your garage door, but the remote isn’t working then you can check and see if changing the battery in your remote fixes the problem.

If your garage door closes most of the way and then suddenly bounces right back open then you may want to check the sensors at either side of your garage door are dust free, since dirty sensors may make your garage door opener think there is an obstruction blocking the door way.

There will be times however, when you simply don’t know what the problem is with your garage door open. In such cases calling a professional garage door repair service is your best bet. A trained garage door repair technician will be able to diagnosis the problem with your garage door opener and solve it for you quickly and efficiently regardless of what the problem may be.

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